Corporate Profile

Turnbull Construction Project Managers Ltd. (TCPM) provides Professional Project Management services to a variety of private and public sector Clients on commercial and residential construction projects.  The company has been in business since 1998 and has primarily operated in the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Projects have also been undertaken on Vancouver Island, in the Okanagan region, and in Hawaii.

Acting as the Owner’s independent representative, the value that TCPM adds to your project is the provision of a professional team of project managers experienced in all aspects of project planning, design, construction, commissioning and move-in.  Our goal is to achieve our Client’s strategic goals by balancing the project functional and quality requirements with the restraints of the project budget and schedule.  No matter what size or type of project, TCPM has the capability to deliver the project while striving to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.


Our Mission

The Mission of Turnbull Construction Project Managers Ltd. is to provide first-class Professional Project Management services to a broad spectrum of public and private sector Clients within the commercial construction industry.

We will distinguish ourselves by providing super qualified, experienced, professional leaders who will deliver complete Project Management services, unselfishly and with integrity, to our valued Customers.

We will utilize modern technologies sensibly and efficiently as we strive to enhance and sustain a livable built environment within our communities.

As we face our daily challenges, we will demonstrate mutual respect and dignity, we will have some fun, and we will be conscious of the importance of balance in our individual lives.

We will be rewarded for our diligent efforts both monetarily and with praise, as we contribute to a profitable, financially sound company, and above all, as we create totally satisfied Clients.