What Services Does TCPM Provide?

  1. TCPM’s first task is to understand what our Client’s organization is trying to do.  What is the value in the project?  What defines success?
  2. We then prepare a strategic level project plan.
  3. Next, TCPM will put in place an effective project team from both internal and external resources.
  4. In terms of our day-to-day tasks, TCPM emphasizes flexibility.  We adjust our services to suit the task rather than get bogged down in unnecessary procedural processes.
  5. TCPM’s project managers strive for open, honest and effective communication on the project team.  Research shows that most project failures can be traced back to a communications breakdown.  Surprisingly, this seems even truer today as we drown each other with email and text messages – it is easy to forget to talk.
  6. Throughout the project, TCPM provides continuous feedback to the project team on the sensitive balance between the primary project priorities of cost, schedule and performance (quality and scope) as the project advances from one phase to the next.
  7. TCPM provides the leadership and direction to manage the project team and the stakeholders through the planning phase, then the design and approval phase, followed by the construction phase.  TCPM leads the user groups through project commissioning, move-in, and generally over about a one year period, we complete the project close-out.
  8. At the end, TCPM checks back with our Client group to determine if success as it was defined at the beginning was achieved.

Integral with the broad scope services described above are numerous day-to-day activities that TCPM undertakes to keep the project running smoothly.  Our overriding principle is to provide the required project management services which add value to the project as defined by the Client group.

Grant K. Turnbull, P.Eng., MBA PM


Why Retain TCPM?

In today’s fast moving world, projects are more complex than ever before.  Complexity is created from not only challenging technical issues, but also from the many stakeholders in every project who naturally have different definitions of success.

Projects are full of uncertainty.  Market conditions can change.  Political events can affect major projects in any number of ways.  Demand on labour and material resources can vary significantly depending on local, national or international events.  Project team members can change over the long duration of a project including for example, user group personnel or third party approval authorities at the City.  TCPM is prepared to manage uncertainty through our leadership, communication, organizational and technical skills, and our risk management processes.

At TCPM, we utilize our good relationships with many consultants and contractors to build an effective professional project team to manage the project’s complexity and uncertainty on our Client’s behalf.  That is why our Clients retain us.


“Our project was a $36M library that we finished on time and $2M under budget in one of the most turbulent construction periods we have experienced. I would like to think it was my management but it would not have gone as well without Turnbull and the expertise that they provided to the project.”

Glenn Stainton, former Manager of City Facilities
City of North Vancouver

“It’s often the unsung role to be the PM trying to keep things moving and hold teams together. It has it’s hard nosed moments with the design team, the contractor and even the owner. It’s a very tough job to excel at. Grant and his team deserve a huge congratulations to have delivered at the highest level and to do so twice is that much more incredible.”

Michael Green, Principal
MG Architecture

“Grant was referred to me by another project manager when I was looking for the most competent person possible to monitor the completion of a $100M multi-residential construction project in Vernon, BC that had gone off the rails. Grant moved quickly to identify the many problems surrounding this very complex development and in short order he was able to provide a concise summary of the steps which needed to be taken to identify the costs and to bring it back on schedule. Since then, Grant has managed a number of files for me and he has completed projects well under budget and on time, all while other contractors and developers were experiencing substantial overruns.”

Mr. Bob Glass, Director
MacDonald Development Corporation

“Turnbull’s construction strengths were in the wealth of experience that they brought from previous projects to the North Vancouver building projects, and their ability to be effective team players advising, coordinating and collaborating with District and Library staff and the construction trades people while keeping the projects on budget and moving towards completion.”

Mr. Gerry Collver, former Director of Library Services
District of North Vancouver

“… Our needs were understood and dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner. I recommend Turnbull Construction unequivocally.”

Ms. Heather Redfern, Executive Director
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

“… Grant was a joy to work with and had the magic touch that turned ideas and obstacles into possibilities.”

Ms. Pauline Thompson, former CEO
Vancouver Museum