General Motors Place

  • Building Type
  • Project Value
    $230 Million (in 2015 dollars adjusted for inflation)
  • Size of Building
    - 475,000 sq. ft.
    - 600 underground parking stalls
    - NHL/NBA facility
  • Procurement Method
  • Current Status
    On schedule, on budget.
    Built for $25 to $50 million less than other comparable NHL facilities completed within the same time frame.

Grant Turnbull, P.Eng. (working for Dominion Hunt, a Joint Venture) acted as Design-Builder for this NHL and former NBA arena.  Grant ensured all aspects of the design met the technical and functional requirements of the user groups, that the design met the design-build contractor’s budget, and that the construction drawings and specifications were delivered to the construction team on time.

This significant undertaking required skillful negotiations and balancing of conflicting interests amongst the likes of Pat Quinn of the Canucks, Stu Jackson of the Grizzlies, senior staff at the City of Vancouver, Toronto-based architects and engineers, not to mention the construction team who just had to get the job done.

The entire process – design and construction – was completed on budget and on schedule within 22 months.  It was also $25 M to $50 M less than comparable NHL facilities in the mid 1990’s.