Surrey RCMP Headquarters Annex Office Addition

  • Building Type
  • Project Value
    $13.0 Million
  • Size of Building
    30,000 sq. ft. of office space
  • Procurement Method
    Construction Management
  • Contractor
    Unitech Construction Management Ltd.
  • Architects
    Chris Bozyk Architects
  • Current Status
    Completed on schedule in August 2010 and under budget.

This 30,000 sf facility provided urgently needed space for approximately 250 RCMP officers in the heart of the City of Surrey.  The annex is a 2 storey addition to the existing RCMP headquarters building which remained operational throughout the project.  The new facility provides workspaces for both plainclothes detectives and municipal City of Surrey staff.

The project meets RCMP security requirements for physical, communication, and acoustic design elements.  The building is an energy efficient design with passive solar shading and photocells controlling the lighting levels within the building. It can run at full capacity for over 3 days during an emergency power situation.  Although the building will be used by the RCMP, it is owned by the City of Surrey and has therefore been constructed to allow for future use by other groups.

TCPM worked with Chris Bozyk Architects and Unitech Construction Managers.  Completion occurred in August 2010.