Vancouver Museum

  • Building Type
  • Project Value
    $3 Million
  • Procurement Method
    Stipulated Sum Tender
    Negotiated Maximum Price
  • Contractor
    Halse Martin Construction
    Broadway Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
    Panther Management
    Civil Constructors
    Beauchesne & Company
  • Current Status
    All projects complete on budget and on schedule.

[quote author=”Pauline Thompson, Former CEO, Vancouver Museum, June 8, 2006″] “Congratulations on your new exhibitions…Grant was a joy to work with and had the magic touch that turned ideas and obstacles into possibilities.”  [/quote]

Since 2004, TCPM has been responsible for the project management of several major upgrades and exhibitry installations at the Vancouver Museum.  These include the enlargement of C gallery, upgrades to the building envelope and building systems in B Wing, exhibitry installation to three different galleries including 1900’s to 1920’s, 1920’s to 1940’s, and 1950’s to 1960’s galleries, and enhancements to the building chilled water cooling system.

Working with Hancock Bruckner/IBI Architects, AldrichPears Architects, exhibitry design specialists, City of Vancouver personnel, and museum staff, all galleries and exhibits have been designed and constructed to museum-quality standards.  All exhibits include state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, automatic lighting controls and precise mechanical air conditioning and humidity control systems.

All projects were completed within budget and on schedule.